GENERATING NEW CUSTOMERS                                                 

"We are seeing a 20% increase above last week

before the advertising ran for our opening"

                                                                    -Todd Eberhard, partner





  • SALT POINT MARKET & CAFE is a new eatery and grocery market serving a local geographic area at a location that previously had a similar business. 


  • The client is rebranding to distance themselves from a similar business previously at that location and to announce their opening. 


  • The patrons are primarily 35+ with the greater density being 45+ and is made up primarily of local residents. 


  • Additionally, there are tourists that pass through the area during all four seasons, so the proximity with a major highway combined with the origin and destination clusters is a consideration for targeting. ​​




  • Distancing & differentiating the client from a previous similar business that had a negative reputation at the same location. 


  • Getting the word out about their grand opening in a short amount of time


  • Creating marketing content and advertising creative to target:

  • Grand Opening for business 

  • Showcase their offerings

    • Cafe

    • Pizza

    • Grocery & sundries market


  • The pizza offerings are a separate entity that previously had it’s own establishment in the area.





Rapid marketing campaign development using paid and organic digital marketing, combined with an opening day promotion. Creative for each strategy.



ACTION (Creative)


Local Advertising


  • Google Display ads ran for several days prior to the opening


  • Good Search ads ran for several days prior to the opening


  • Video Ads targeting customers with specific offerings

    • Pizza

    • Catering


  • Facebook Promoted Posts



  • Facebook Business Page 

    • Served as a hub for announcements 

    • Landing page for advertising. 

    • A new website was a secondary landing page destination.



  • The Grand Opening day was a success and well-attended

  • There was a 20% increase in business after 1 week of advertising

  • FB promoted posts and organic achieved a significant following, engagement, and user-contributed content



"We are seeing a 20% increase over last week before the advertising ran and our opening" 


                                                                     -Todd E. partner


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