DISCOVERING & ENGAGING NEW BUYERS                                                       

"The videos got a lot of views and engagement" 

                                                                    -Michel Myara, president & founder of LYTT





  • LYTT produces and markets a reverse osmosis herbal infused adult alcohol energy drink that is sold through liquor distributors. 


  • The buyers are young adults 21+ who are synonymous with the EDM market demographics, formerly referred to as the “Rave” market. 


  • Additionally, there are purchasers who are drawn to the alcohol content in combination with an energy stimulant at a value price



  • Identifying new markets for LYTT to increase sales and to differentiate from larger competing beverages companies targeting the same market. 


  • Creating social marketing content to target potential new markets based on findings. 





Focus groups & market research with surveys were employed to discover appeal for LYTT away from its core buying group and determining how to reach and engage these new potential buyers. 





  • It was discovered that there was an appeal to young adults who are not categorized as EDM fans. This new demographic was young professionals


  • They would consider buying LYTT for:

    • a special event, like a concert or sporting event (current market)

    • as a mixer to be used for making signature drinks at personal gatherings and smaller intimate (new market)


The above findings are supported and summarized in the market research video featuring Kayleigh, a 27you WF, who is trying LYTT for the first time.  




ACTION (Creative)


  • The above social media advertisements were created for social platforms and as video pre-roll for YouTube and similar. 


  • An in-person promotion was developed to introduce the beverage to the new demographic. Tasting, drink recipes, and giveaways were part of the event.


"The event was amazing in how it came together 

so quickly with the crowd we wanted"  

                                                                     -Michel Myara, president & founder of LYTT



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