Branded event sponsorship is not just the domain anymore of larger big-budget corporations 

Smaller and medium-size businesses are increasingly involved in

sponsoring and creating events, increasing visibility and brand awareness.

Sponsored Events and Promotions are a uniquely powerful way to generate business and Empower Group can demonstrate how surprisingly accessible it is to associate your name with an event and create this the visibility and traction for yourself with a lasting impression in the forms of leads, content, and enhanced relationships.


• Experiential marketing offers consumers interactive, engaging experiences

• Grabs attention in a memorable way & cuts through the noise

• Integrates with content marketing, social media and PR

• Feedback directly from customers

• Enhancing key customers and vendor relationships

• Demostrates community involvement by you & your brand


Large events & venues

Intimate events & venues



• 98% of consumers create digital or social content at events and experiences

• 100% of those attendees share the content

• 74% of respondents are more likely to purchase products promoted at live events (EventTrack, 2016)